Upcoming Activities:

* Ongoing: Gray Whale Count @ Coal Oil Point

An organization called Gray Whale Count is observing & counting marine mammals from Coal Oil Point for the duration of our program.

They observe from 9 - 5 daily, except when fog or wind limit visibility. The people I spoke with today were knowledgeable and informative. They counted 9 gray whales today.

Here's a link:

Coal Oil Point is walkable or bikeable from KITP and from many of our residences.

Bring binocs if you have them. The whale watchers also have some excellent marine binoculars.

* February 28: Singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves in SB

Would anyone be interested in this concert?
Samples available here:

*February 27-March 7:

Play being performed on campus: In the Red and Brown Water

* Friday night, movie night?

Feb 20th, movie(s), anyone interested?
First planet discovered, "The Core", anything else?
maybe with pizza and some fluids


* General Interest Social Activities

Anyone interested in rock climbing in the UCSB climbing gym? I'm a good belay partner! --Lauren Weiss
Anyone want to lead a geology hike?


Past activities:

1. Wednesday dinners:

* Wednesday, February 11: Dinner at Itsuki Restaurant at 5:30pm

Dear KITP Evoplanets Folks,

We will hold an Evoplanets dinner tomorrow, wednesday, Feb 11, at 5:30pm at:

Itsuki Restaurant:http://itsukirestaurant.com

It’s at 7127 Hollister Ave, #30, Goleta

It’s located in the large University Plaza Shopping Center nearHollister Ave and Storke Rd.

Please RSVP to me, so I can tune the reservation.

See you there!Geoff(510) 759-9398

* Light evening meal on Wednesday (Jan 28) at 6pm:

See photo below . . .

Hollister Brewing Company:
6980 Marketplace Drive (Camino Real Marketplace) in Goleta.
Located at the corner of Storke Rd and Hollister, in the shopping plaza.
RSVP to Geoff at gmarcy@berkeley.edu (we'll reserve a table).

The #11 and #24 bus goes to Storke and Hollister. They come every 15 minutes:



You can get a bus pass for $54. at the book store that lasts for a month, I think.

2. Launch of Delta II Rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base

on thursday, Jan 29. People interested, contact Geoff Marcy or Diana Dragomir. We will meet at McDonalds at Stork and Hollister at 5:00am sharp.
(Launch is at 6:20am.)

Jan. 31 Delta II launch as viewed from bleachers off Coral Road at Vanderberg military base.

3.Lowest Tide of the year is tuesday, Jan 20, between 3-4pm.


General information

Area Restaurants

Arnoldi's Cafe - Little Italian restaurant in historic stone building from 1930's with seating and bocce ball out back.
Beachside Bar & Cafe, down the hill from KITP overlooking Goleta beach.
The Boathouse - Seafood place right on Hendry's beach.
Brewhouse - Pretty much what you expect - beer and hearty food. For large groups, they require a pre-selected menu with only 4 entree choices.
Carlitos - Nice Mexican restaurant on State Street.
Edomasa - Sushi.
Olio Pizzeria - Highest rated pizza place in town, but kind of pricey (up to $20 for individual pie).
Opal - California/Fusion.
Trattoria Vittoria - Italian. Will only take large groups either early (before 5:30) or late (after 8:00).

Other suggestions

from a former local (i.e. Elena's favorites)

Arigato, Japanese Restaurant on State St. Excellent sushi (the Dracula roll was my favorite). It's quite fancy and very popular, but well worth the wait.
La Super Rica, on Milpas St. Hands down the best restaurant in town, and one of the cheapest. Real-deal Mexican food. Very informal, expect to be in a line unless you show up after 9pm. No credit/debit cards, cash only.
Paradise Cafe', on Anacapa St., for very good burgers.
Pacific Crepes, also on Anacapa, makes amazing crepes. Real French place (and real French service..).
The Palace Grill, on Cota St., has very good Cajun and Creole food. Their jalapenio corn bread is a killer.
D'Angelo's, on Gutierrez, great weekend brunches and bread.
Jeannine's Restaurant and Bakery, on upper State St., also very good for brunch, perhaps more quiet than D'Angelo's.
Ahi Sushi, on upper State St. - very popular Japanese among the locals.
Via Maestra, also on upper State St., for a real Italian espresso. Their Tiramisu is good, too.
Hungry Cat, a fancy fish restaurant on Chapala St. Excellent food (though pricy) - and excellent cocktails!
Blue Agave, on Cota. Fine dining and great martinis.
Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, at the end of Stearns Wharf. A tiny shack where you can get fresh local crab and lobsters for half the price of the restaurants. It's very small, doesn't take reservations and you can only sit at the counter, so it's good for small groups only. It's a must-try.
Gino's Pizza, Figueroa St., best pizza in town (and this is from an Italian).
McConnell's, on De La Vina. The most popular ice-cream in town. All organic etc.
Cold Spring Tavern. This is a short drive from Santa Barbara. Check out their website, it's a small gem. Try their Tri-Tip sandwich, oh and the chili!

Beach Barbecue

Goleta Beach, a short walk from KITP, has barbecue pits that you can use. Reservations are usually not required unless you have a very large group and need a certain area. Please note: beach bonfires are not permitted anywhere in Santa Barbara County. (They are only permitted in certain places anywhere in California.)

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Local Events

1st Thursday

  • Visit more than 30 art venues, talk with artists, view exhibits, listen to live music, and create art yourself. Downtown S.B. will once again open its doors to the public with 1st Thursday, a celebration of arts and culture. You are sure to find an evening full of entertainment as you visit over 30 art venues to talk with artists, watch demonstrations, view exhibits, listen to live music, and create a little art yourself.


Jazz & Folk Music

Sport Activities

  • Anyone interested in swimming/running (maybe biking if nice bikes available for renting) or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer at the Rec.Cen. of UCSB !? Drop a line here or pop up at my office
  • Tennis: Anyone interested in playing tennis, please contact Geoff Marcy (gmarcy at berkeley.edu) and/or Eric Ford (eford -at- psu -dot- edu)
  • Climbing: Santa Barbara Rock Gym has "couples night" on Tuesdays; what this means is that if you show up in a group of 2 or more people, you can each climb for half the regular price. Diana Dragomir (and sometimes other LCOGT-ers) goes occasionally.

Santa Barbara Theaters

Dinner with the KITP participants in the Program, Dynamics and Evolution of Earth-like Planets, on 21 January, 2015.
Names, clockwise from lower-left: Jackie Li, Leslie Rogers, Dan Fabrycky, Louise Kellogg, Eric Ford, Hilke Schlichting, Diana Dragomir, Sean Raymond, Francesca Valsecchi, Bekki Dawson. (Geoff Marcy, photographer)

Dinner with the KITP participants in the Program, Dynamics and Evolution of Earth-like Planets, on 28 January, 2015 at Hollister Brewing Company. Names, clockwise from lower-left: Burkhard Militzer, Eric Ford, Geoff Marcy, Mark Jellinek, Diana Dragomir, Bill McDonough, Bekki Dawson, Angie Wolfgang.

First Thursday (5 Feb 2015) on State Street in Santa Barbara. Names, clockwise from left:
Bekki Dawson, Angie Wolfgang, Sean Raymond and his family, Francesca Valsecchi, Eric Gaidos, Szonja, Diana Dragomir, Eric Ford, Lauren Weiss, Geoff Marcy.


Itsuki Restaurant on 11 Feb 2015. Razvan Caracas, Louise Kellogg, Sabastien Hamel, Diana Dragomir, Wandy Panero, Tsevi Mazeh, Qing-zhu Yin, Sean Raymong, Howard Isaacson, Geoff Marcy, Bill McDonough, Lauren Weiss, Burkhard Militzer.
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 8.27.26 PM.png