If you'd like to nominate a topic or person (including yourself) to lead a seminar or coffee discussion on a topic/paper/question, please list them here, along with any known scheduling constraints and up to 1 sentance about the proposed topic.

I think it could be helpful to have someone (Angie?) summarize the occurrence rate studies -- how common are different type of planets, what is the period range and detection biases of the sample of Kepler and RV planets, etc. Leslie talked about this some in her overview but it could be a good thing to revisit in detail -- it's been one of the most common type of question I've gotten from the geophysicists.

I (Diana Dragomir) can volunteer to give a talk reviewing the current status of observations of small (~< 4 Earth radii) exoplanet atmospheres. And/or on what is possible to measure for these exoplanets using existing observing resources. I suggest either the third week of February (I'll be away 16-18 though) or the first week of March for this, as it matches the (non-conference) weeks when many of the program geophysicists will be around.

I (Henri-Claude Nataf) could animate a debate on the scaling laws for dynamos, either this week (week 7) or next week.

Sourav Chatterjee suggested a tutorial on migration. He mentioned Ruth would be willing to lead such a tutorial.

Nader Haghighipour: "The purpose of the talk is to familiarize the audience, especially Earth and planetary scientists, with models of the formation of terrestrial planets, and compare those models in the context of giant planet(s) migration."

Dimitri Veras: "Unveiling the bulk chemical composition and dynamical evolution of Earth-like planets through their endstates"